Why Versus?

What is a publisher actually? What do they do for you?  A publisher is simply this: a bank and a resource middleman. Traditional publishers (the “Big 5”) have capital to invest in authors in the form of an advance.  It’s a loan.  They are lending you money based on a risk/benefit analysis of the likelihood of your book selling. 

They are also a middleman for very important resources: copy editors, line editors, and brick and mortar book stores.  Notice that “marketer/public relations” is not on that list.  This is because modern publishers do not do a lot by way of marketing, leaving that for the author. This is why book deals are increasingly more common for celebrities that already have a built-in marketing base, a following.

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publisher vs. Indie Publisher

Versus Publishing is an independent publisher that has the capital, knowledge and resources to invest in in a select few at a time.  We give special attention to the books we choose and actually spend money marketing and giving advice to the author on the steps to take for additional marketing. You are your best marketer and public relations expert.

We are a publisher, not a printing press.  Just as Guttenberg democratized the written word, so did print-on-demand technology and eBooks (Kindle, Nook, etc.).  Typically, we will not invest in a small print run unless we have results marketing the book with print-on-demand and on Kindle. 

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