Friday, October 7, 2016

Free Attorney Ebook Short Reads by Mike Arnold, Emilia Gardner

  1. They Called Him The Finishing Machine: The Attorney Consult (Attorney Work Product Series Book 1)A new client is accused of a road rage murder. This Kindle Short Read (with PHOTOS) is the true story, written from the attorney's perspective, of his first meeting with a client claiming self-defense for shooting an unarmed man in the face with an AR-15.
  2. A Lawyer's Guide to Hiring a Lawyer: Choosing an Advocate You Can TrustThis book is for individuals and families who need to know how to go about hiring a lawyer. It’s all about educating yourself.

  3. A Marine Sniper, the Second Amendment, and the Salad Bar of Rights: A Lawyer Reflects on Self-Defense with a Gun (Attorney Work Product Series Book 1): Book 2 of our true crime Kindle Short (with PHOTOS) series explores an attorney's real murder case and coping with issues of self-defense and the Second Amendment. This can be a stand-alone book, as it goes into great depth of the attorney's thoughts on the Second Amendment with very little information about the case described therein.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Novels: Accepting hard science fiction, dystopian, legal thriller/romance (completed and finished manuscripts). No zombie manuscripts please.

Nonfiction: Legal procedural
Submissions Guidelines