Pocket Constitution of the United States (Normal & Large Print)

(Unabridged, Unannotated, Indexed)Afterword by Mike Arnold
(Bonus Material: Declaration of Independence & Unratified Amendments)

This indexed, unannotated and unabridged Pocket Constitution is certified as true and accurate. This 40-page 4x6-in. softbound book contains nothing but original text of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights and other amendments (11 through 27) follow. Nothing else.


This is the true U.S. Constitution with no quotes or annotations and is certified as such by attorney Mike Arnold of Arnold Law in Eugene, Oregon, who represented Ammon Bundy in the aftermath of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation (also known as the Oregon Standoff). The pocket constitution carried by the government protesters in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch near Bunkerville and in Harney County, Oregon, has been unfairly criticized as being an abridged or annotated constitution, which it isn't. It only contains the text of the Constitution preceded by some select quotes of Founders. Our Pocket Constitution contains no extraneous quotes. Only original text.No politics. No agendas. All original text.

On the front page is a photo of Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. His contribution to the Federalist Papers was instrumental in crafting this time-honored document. The price is kept as low as possible. Any net proceeds, if any, will go to Oregon schools.

4 x 6 paperback or eBook


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