Finishing Machine by Mike Arnold, Emilia Gardner

A Marine Sniper, Blackwater Merc, UFC Vet...Accused of Murder - Gerald Strebendt & His Attorneys Fight for His Life

Finishing Machine is the upcoming book about UFC and Marine Sniper Veteran Gerald Strebent’s fight for his life. One fight was on a dark road side. And the other fight was in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion.

Finishing Machine is the story of a roadside shooting that gripped Eugene-Springfield and shocked the national mixed martial arts community when Gerald Strebendt was charged with murder for shooting an unarmed man in the face and claiming self-defense.

His attorneys Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner give a behind the scenes account in this courtroom “true crime” thriller.

A portion of proceeds go to Gerald Strebendt to assist with his post-prison transition. Gerald intends to return to training the jujitsu community and to fight again professionally in 2017.

Finishing Machine by Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner: available in December through Versus Publishing and

To learn the book release date and for more information about Gerald’s upcoming release from prison, text “book” to 66866 or get on the email list.

#FinishingMachine – find out what really happened in December 2016.

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